Now you can experience the Luray Triathlon without the run…

For athletes wanting to skip the run part of the triathlon but still compete for an award, you can now sign up for the Aquabike division in both the Luray International and Luray Sprint races.

What is the Aquabike division?

You do the same swim and bike courses as the full triathlon but then you’re done after the bike.

How does Aquabike work?

  • When you sign up for either the Luray International or Luray Sprint on the Virginia Triathlon Series website, you’ll choose “Aquabike” as your race category.
  • The Aquabike will start in the last wave with the relays.
  • Your time officially ends when your cross the timing mats going into T2.
  • Once you enter T2, you’ll bring your timing chip to the finishline.

Will there be awards for Aquabike?

Absolutely.  We’ll do top 3 overall M & F for the Aquabike division.