This article by Bill Meade about the Luray Triathlon being voted Best Mid-Atlantic Triathlon in 2013 appeared in the Page News & Courier on January 16, 2014:

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Luray Triathlon Selected Best in Area

By Bill Meade, Staff Writer

In the January issue of Competitor magazine, the Luray Triathlon was chosen Best Triathlon of 2013 for the Mid-Atlantic Region. The award is voted on by local athletes each year.

“It was quite a pleasant surprise when I heard the news,” said Race Director David Glover. “I had no idea we would receive this honor.”

Glover noted that winning the award was a special honor — considering the number of triathlon events held each year in the Mid-Atlantic.

“The Luray Triathlon is a relatively new and small event compared to races like Columbia Triathlon and Reston Triathlon which are more than 25 years old and like events such as Nation’s Triathlon, which has more than 5,000 athletes competing,” Glover said.

The Luray Triathlon enters its ninth year in 2014 and is already trending higher registration numbers than last year at this time.

“Each year, we conduct a survey of athletes competing in the Luray Triathlon and we always ask the question; Would you recommend this race to a friend?,” Glover said. “More than 98 percent of these athletes would recommend this race.”

Glover went on to say that triathletes like the Luray Triathlon in particular because of the Lake Arrowhead race venue and surrounding scenic area, but also the friendliness of the people who welcome them. The athletes interact with 300+ volunteers on race weekend, most coming from the local community.

“Many of the triathlon clubs and teams are choosing Luray Triathlon as one of their team races for the year because they’ve had such a positive experience in the past,” Glover said.

Glover noted that the event attempts to offer value-added features such as complimentary camping at Lake Arrowhead, live music and hand-engraved glass awards.

“Also, we collect feedback and try to make the next year even better, “Glover said.

The 2014 Luray Triathlon is scheduled on August 16-17, with a practice clinic offered on Saturday, August 9.

As of December 31, Saturday’s Luray International has 138 athletes registered (up from 105 at this time last year) and Sunday’s Luray Sprint has 87 registrants (up from 67).

“Cory Churches has done and outstanding job in reaching out to all the clubs and teams within a few hours driving distance of the triathlon and we have been active on social media and in sending out news and updates to keep Luray Triathlon “top of mind” as triathletes start planning their race seasons,” Glover said.