Glass engraving artist Patty Sevre will be hand-engraving all the awards for the Luray Triathlon again this year – each award will be as unique and special as the triathletes who earn them.

Every generation of Patty Sevre’s family has been engraving glass since the 1740’s. She creates these beautiful works of art using the time honored methods of revolving stones, copper wheels, and cooling water handed down through the generations. Every aspect of her work is freehand and shows the quality her keen eyes, sure hands, and 50 years of experience bring to a very old skill.

In her own words:

Over the last 50 years, I have  cut special orders for Tiffany & Co., Shreve Crump & Low, Boston, MA, and many gift stores all over the U.S. I did consultant work teaching the fine art of glass cutting and designed the lathe for turning the wheels. I now hand carve portraits in glass, awards, corporate gifts, logos and any kind of art work – crystal is my canvas. I enjoy it not only because of the art but for the history and for my family.

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