Welcome Molly Roohi!

Welcome pro triathlete Molly Roohi from King George, VA, to the Luray Triathlon! She joins a talented field of both elite and amateur athletes who will be competing for part of the $5,000 cash prize purse.

Molly is a past winner of the Luray Sprint Triathlon (2010) so she has experience on the Luray course.

We interviewed Molly to learn a little more about her, to find out what motivates her and to hear what advice she might have for aspiring triathletes. Here’s what she had to say…

Interview with Pro Triathlete Molly Roohi

Q: Tell us about yourself.

I live in King George and when I am not teaching Physical Education to five, six and seven-year olds, I am swimming, cycling, or running.

Q: What keeps you inspired to continue to train for and participate in triathlons?

I participated in my first triathlon in late 2008 and I have been hooked on the sport ever since. I am very interested to see how far I can take my body and I love the thrill of race day!

Q: Do you think that your lifestyle has changed since you did your first triathlon? 

My lifestyle has definitely changed since my first triathlon. I spend a lot more time training and everything from my diet to sleep patterns has changed. I came to this sport with a running background; the swimming and cycling have just augmented my already considerable love of sport.

Q: What are your goals for the Luray Triathlon?

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve raced a sprint triathlon. I’m excited to race all out and have fun!

Q: What advice would you give any aspiring triathletes?

You WILL get better with time. No one training session defines you. Embrace the suck.

Q: What’s next for you after Luray Triathlon?

Ironman Louisville on August 24th.

“Embrace the suck.” – love it!

Good luck, Molly, both at Luray and at Ironman Louisville the following weekend!

David Glover
Luray Triathlon Race Director