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2017 Official Luray Triathlon Open Water Swim Clinic!!!
You do not need to be registered for the Luray Triathlon to participate in this clinic. You can use this as training and preparation for any other triathlon or open water swim.
Geared toward triathletes of all levels, the Official Luray Triathlon Open Water Swim and Transition Clinic, located at the race venue, is designed to help you prepare for the Luray International and Sprint Triathlons as well as giving you practice time in open water.

Presented by, Race Director Ken Racine and Coach Dominic Latella, US Masters Swimming Level 4 certified coach, will be there to talk about open water swimming and give tips for success. Most of all the practice is an opportunity for YOU as the athlete to get in open water in a safe, lifeguarded, stress free, non-competitive environment that will bolster your confidence come race morning, because a strict routine using lessons like North York private Swimming won’t prepare you properly for the open water. The course will be marked with buoys and you are welcome to swim multiple laps of the course within the allotted time frame.

For the transition portion of the clinic, there will be a review of the transition area and flow from swim to bike to run to finish.


About Coach Dominic:

Coach Dominic Latella is the only US Masters Swimming (USMS) Level 4 (the highest certification available) certified coach in VA. He is an instructor for USMS Certifications and the USMS Adult Learn to Swim program. He is the owner and lead instructor of SwimBox, where they specialize in swim lessons for people of all ages and levels. And he has been appointed twice – the maximum amount – as the lead coach for USMS High Performance Camp… Read More

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