As a birthday present to his dad, Jeff Bogle signed his dad Reese, his brother Tom, and himself up for the Luray Triathlon. Jeff lives in D.C. and Reese and Tom live in New Jersey. Typically they do local races, but Reese had been eyeing up the Luray Triathlon for the last few years, so what better birthday present than to travel together as a family and compete at the Luray Triathlon, with Mom there to cheer everyone on as well.  Reese said, “The most important person is my wife who is there to give us support. And by the way she is the one who got us all started with them.” Tom tells us his mom was actually the first one in the family to compete in a triathlon 9 years ago. Reese, his wife, and Tom drove down from New Jersey, picked up Jeff, and they came as a family to Luray. Not only did they have an amazing experience at the Luray Triathlon, but they also enjoyed themselves experiencing all Luray and the surrounding area has to offer.

We had a chance to ask Tom and Reese a few questions about themselves and their Luray Triathlon Experience:

Tell me about yourselves.

Tom: Jeff and I are two of three brothers, with myself being the oldest at 33 and Jeff the youngest at 26. Both of us currently work as consultants for two of the Big 4 accounting firms and Reese, our Dad, currently works for Discover. Our family grew up in Voorhees, NJ where my parents currently reside. I know live closeby in Haddonfield, NJ and Jeff currently resides in Washington, DC.

How was is to compete as a family?

Tom: It was great to compete as a family! Triathlons already have great camaraderie but competing as a family gives you that extra motivation and also allows us time to spend quality family time traveling and visiting new places. 

Reese: My two boys are very completive and compete against each other. For myself I am just glad I can still do them at 59. This was my 4th this year and compete to complete.

Did you do any training together?

Tom: Given our distance apart we don’t typically train together on a consistent basis, however, we tend to spend our weekends at the Jersey shore where we often will cycle together, practice some open water swimming in the bay or get up for an early morning run before the day starts. 

How long have you been doing triathlons, how did you get started?

Tom: My mom was actually the first one in the family to compete in a triathlon 9 years ago. I have always been a runner, completing multiple half marathons and 5 marathons, and loved competing in events/races. In order to spend more time with the family I started cycling with my parents throughout the summer. Given I was a swimmer in high school the next logical step was to get into triathlon. I have been doing them ever since with my Dad joining in 4 years ago and my brother last year!

Reese: 4 years. It was something I always wanted to do and my wife had done the first one.

What do you think about the Luray Triathlon?

Tom: The triathlon was awesome! From the location to the people to the event set-up and the volunteers, it was one of the best run triathlons I have competed in over the years. The race course itself was challenging but rewarding and you can’t beat the scenery throughout.

Reese: Great venue and the hill were very tough. However very rewarding when you completed it.

What was your motivation?

Tom: I was there to compete and challenge myself on the hills. Over the summer I have had some decent Age Group finishes and I wanted to test my training on a more challenge course.

Reese: Tri keep me motivated to stay in shape during the year.

Tell me about your race weekend experience.

Tom: Overall the weekend was great! We got to experience the drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains, a tour of Luray Caverns and check out the local towns. Race Day was amazing and it was great to finish with some breakfast in Luray and some celebratory beers at Hawksbill! On our drive back we were able to stop at some local wineries and finished the weekend with a night in DC!

Reese: We visited the cavern on Saturday and some wine tasting on the way back to DC on Sunday.  Hotels were a little hard to find so we stayed in Woodstock which worked out just a little bit of a drive.

Did you set and reach any goals with the Luray Triathlon?

Tom: My goal in these local races is typically to place with my Age Group and continue to improve on some of the more technical aspects of competing in triathlons (e.g. transition). Given the challenging nature of the course I was pleasantly surprised to take 1st in my AG and proud to say that my younger brother placed 3rd in his AG which made the event even better! Not to be forgotten, it was great to cheer my Dad in on the finish given his goal to compete and finish the challenging course!

Reese: Yes I completed it!

What was your favorite thing about the Luray Triathlon?

Tom: If I had to pick one thing it would be the challenging and rewarding nature of the race course. Although, a close second was the Age Group rewards and the beer from Hawksbill to celebrate!

Reese: The beauty of the countryside that the event was held in

Will you participate again?

Tom: Certainly! The event was amazing and we would love to come back. Who knows, I may even get the itch to compete in the Hawksbill Double.

Reese: Yes

What competition is next for you after Luray Triathlon?

Tom: Triathlon season is over for me and I will start to concentrate again on running with two planned half marathons this falls in Philly and VA. My Dad will continue his training for some great 75 mile City to Shore Bike Rides supporting MS and I know my brother

Reese: Two 75 mile MS bike rides. Bike to the Bay and City to Shore in DE and NJ in Sept / Oct

Do you have any advice for someone considering doing the Luray Triathlon?

Tom: Yeah, sign up….and train on some hills!

Reese: Ride and run a lot of hills in training!