For the 2nd year in a row the Hawksbill Brewery in Luray, VA sponsored the double event  at the Luray Triathlon, appropriately named the Hawksbill Double. 

The Hawksbill Brewery is a new, local, craft brewery in Luray, Virginia and has quickly become the favorite go-to-spot for the athletes to hang out during the Luray Triathlon weekend. Last year, though they sponsored the event, the brewery was not yet open for people to enjoy. This year however, owners, David Sours, Operations Manager, Jim Turner, in charge of Finance and Marketing, and Kevin Crisler, the Brewer, were excited that the Hawksbill Brewery was open after a successful grand opening this past May, and decided to extended several Special Offers to Participants, Award Winners, and Volunteers of the Luray Triathlon. 

Many took them up on the special offers and they had a steady stream of Luray Triathlon participants and volunteers from Friday to Sunday evening. Luray participants who complete the Hawksbill Double receive a growler, those participants were offered a 10% discount to fill their growlers up. Award winners of all the Luray Triathlon events received an award mug (approximately 18-20 oz) and they were offered to fill those for just $3, Volunteers and all Luray Triathlon participants were all offered a 10% discount all race weekend.  Jim Turner said, “We had steady business from the Triathlon – after packet pick-up on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as after the events on Saturday and Sunday. We had offered specials on filling the trophy mugs, and 30 folks took us up on that offer.  We served over 100 parties of up to six – participants and volunteers.”

There was a positive and fun atmosphere in the brewery and great camaraderie between athletes sharing their race experiences. It was an ideal after party to the Luray Triathlon and athletes expressed the partnership between the Luray Triahtlon and the Hawksbill Brewery was fantastic and a “Win Win Win for everyone”. 

Turner stated, “Whenever we have an event like the Triathlon in town, there is a ton of energy in the brewery.  It is a fantastic experience to share in the accomplishments of everyone – whether first-timers, team participants, or podium finishers.  Several of our parties this weekend were groups traveling together, and at least one group that came in had four trophy finishers among them!”

Between David, Kevin, and Jim, their relationship with Luray Triathlon dates back to at least 2008.  For David, that is as both a volunteer and as a triathlete – and now he’s even doing the Hawksbill Double!  Jim and Kevin have both volunteered for several years – Jim has served in every volunteer capacity for the event, including a water rescue for someone having an asthma incident during the swim.  This year, participants from the brewery included two of their employees in addition to David – Allysah Fox also did the Hawksbill Double, and Grayson Love was a first-timer in the Luray Sprint. 

Turns said, “Once the brewery opened, it just seemed natural to find a way to partner up as a sponsor, and the Hawksbill Double idea seemed a good fit. We’ll look forward to being part of Luray Triathlon again next year.”

Ken Racine, Race Director of the Luray Triathlon, said, “We could not be more pleased with the sponsorship with the Hawksbill Brewery! Not only did they provide the growlers two straight years for the Hawksbill Double Award, they also offered discounts to our athletes and welcomed them with open arms. We look forward to a long relationship with them in the coming years.”