Terry Drew and her twin daughters, Samantha and Lauren of Oak Hill, Virginia, will be competing this year in the 13th Annual Luray Sprint Triathlon relay on August 19th. Last year Terry competed for the first time at the Luray Triathlon and thought the race was very well organized and really enjoyed the excitement surrounding the race. She and her husband came to Luray a day early and enjoyed the town and local breweries. Terry can’t wait to come back this year with her daughters so they can experience it with her. “My goal for this triathlon is to have my girls enjoy the excitement before, during, and after the race. I want to see their smiles and expressions as they experience the adrenaline rush a triathlete gets as they compete in their leg of the race.”

Terry started running and did her first race in 1997 in Syracuse, New York when her girls were three years old. “That was the beginning of them being my biggest cheering squad.” Terry said, “I would push them in their double stroller and they would cheer and coach me through the runs”.  After many road races, Terry completed her first Sprint triathlon in 2009.  She continues to enjoy Trail running, road races, obstacle/mud races, triathlons and Ragnar relays. 

Pictured above: twins with their brother. Lauren and Samantha were active kids participating on weekends in many activities as a family. 

Both girls still reside at home. Samantha graduated from Virginia Tech last year and is planning to move to an area closer to work soon, while Lauren is finishing her Graduate degree in Special Education at Longwood University. Both Samantha and Lauren have been active athletes growing up. Lauren played soccer, lacrosse and swam at her high school and on a community swim team. As Lauren became an experienced swimmer and Terry’s ambitions grew to complete a half iron man, Lauren became Terry’s swim coach. Lauren has completed two half marathons as an adult.  Growing up Samantha played soccer and ran track and cross-country. Two years ago, Samantha started biking with her dad and Terry. Last year they completed two metric centuries. They continue to enjoy getting out for long rides on the weekends and after work.

Pictured above: Samantha biking with her dad and Terry. 

Lauren is the strongest swimmer and during the Luray Triathlon, she will complete the swim leg of the race. Lauren’s first open water experience was at the Luray Open Water Swim Practice in May at Lake Arrowhead.  Samantha is a powerful hill climber and they agreed she would be the strongest rider to climb the last hill on the bike route. Terry is strongest at running so she will compete in the running leg of the race.

They have been putting in good training to get themselves prepared for this. Samantha, her dad, and Terry get out as often as they can to ride on the weekends and some evenings after work. Lauren fits in swim time at her college pool.  They even had two days of bike and swim training in Luray during the open water swim practices in May and June.  Lauren and Terry swam in Lake Arrowhead while Samantha and her dad biked the route.

Pictured above: Terry and Lauren at the Lake Arrowhead Open Water Swim Practice 

So much has lead up to this race and Terry says, “Having my girls at my side and competing together at this years Luray Sprint triathlon is just so overwhelmingly emotional for me.”