Welcome Back Ricky Flynn!

Welcome back pro triathlete Ricky Flynn, Orthotic Fitter for Greenville Health System, from Greenville, SC, to the Luray Triathlon! 

See our interview with Ricky below.


Have you raced Luray Triathlon before?

Yes. I raced Luray in 2016 and 2017.


What’s your best finish at Luray?

I was 2nd in the international last year and 3rd in the sprint and 2nd in the international in 2016 and 5th in the sprint in 2016.


What brings you back to Luray? 

Its a really well-organized event with good competition.


What keeps you inspired to continue to train for and participate in triathlons?

I enjoy racing and want to try to continue to improve as an overall triathlete.


How has your lifestyle changed since you did your first triathlon?

It is a very time consuming sport, so most of my free time has disappeared and been put towards training.


Which races are you doing at the Luray Triathlon (Sprint Tri, International Tri, or Both – Hawksbill Double)?? 

I am doing the Double.


What are your goals for the Luray Triathlon?

I would like to improve my times from last year in both distances and hopefully that will improve my finish places.


What advice would you give to any aspiring triathletes? 

Just keep working hard, put in the time and effort and you will improve and get better. have patience and dedication.


What’s next for you for triathlon?

After Luray, I am hoping to do Augusta 70.3 in September among a few other end-of-the-season races.