What is my start wave?2021-04-27T12:29:29-04:00

Start waves will be assigned on race week.

Please note: Participants will compete in whichever age group they would be in as of Dec. 31st of this year. In other words, your age group for the Luray Triathlon/Duathlon will be determined by your age on December 31st of this year.

For example, if you are 44 now but turn 45 on September 1, your race age will be 45 because you will be 45 on December 31 of this year. As such, you will race in the 45-49 age group at Luray Triathlon/Duathlon, not the 40-44 age group.


Why is my “race age” different than my actual age?2021-04-27T12:29:10-04:00

Participants will compete in whichever age group they would be in as of Dec. 31st of this year. In other words, your age group will be determined by your age on December 31st of this year.

For example, if you are 44 now but turn 45 on September 1, your race would be 45 because you would be 45 on December 31 of this year. As such, you would race in the 45-49 age group at Luray Triathlon, not the 40-44 age group.

What are the minimum weights for Clydesdale (Men) and Athena (Women) divisons?2014-08-12T15:33:28-04:00

The minimum weights are 220+ lbs for Clydesdales and 165+ lbs for Athenas.

What are the award categories?2021-04-27T12:30:42-04:00

Top 3 in each of the following triathlon categories:

  • Overall (M & F) – OPEN and ELITE athletes
  • Overall (M & F) – Age Group Athletes
  • Masters Overall (M&F 40+)
  • Age Group (M&F): 15 & Under,16-19, 20-24, 25-29, etc.
  • Clydesdales (M 220+ Lbs) and Masters Clydesdales (40+)
  • Athenas (F 165+ Lbs) and Masters Athenas (40+)
  • Novice (M&F)
  • Relay Teams (Mixed, All Male, All Female)
  • Luray Local Finisher (M&F)
  • Military (M&F)
  • Aquabike (M&F)


Duathlon categories:

  • Top 3 Overall (M & F)
  • 1 Deep in Each of the Following Age Group Categories (M&F): 15 & Under,16-19, 20-24, 25-29, etc.
  • 1 Deep in Relay Teams (no divisions)

Please note:

  • ELITE and OPEN Division athletes (triathlon only) will start in wave 1 and compete for the top 3 overall awards. They will not be eligible for age group awards.
  • Age group athletes not in the OPEN Division will only compete for age group awards and not overall awards.

Questions? Please visit luraytriathlon.com for more details about the race.

Where can I find photos from past triathlons?2015-10-09T09:14:58-04:00

We have a sampling of photos from each race in our Photo Gallery with links to the websites for each race’s official photographer to view all of the race photos. You can also find photos on our Photos page.

What is the participant limit (cap) for each race?2018-01-25T21:15:08-05:00

We will take 700 regular entries and 50 charity entries on each day (combining Triathlon and Duathlon). 

What is the primary non-profit beneficiary organization for the triathlon?2021-05-06T13:02:05-04:00

Page Alliance for Community Action (PACA) will be the primary beneficiary this year for our Luray branded events. This organization a non-profit coalition with a mission to provide a healthy, drug-free environment for youth and families in Page County.  With the volunteers in their coalition, the funding from federal, state, and foundation grants, they have focused their attention on preventing youth substance use and combating childhood obesity through implementing environmental strategies to impact our community and provide real solutions that promote positive change. As of 2021, the Luray events have contributed more than $100,000 to non-profit organizations since 2009.

What is “Blocking” on the bike course?2013-11-19T21:47:31-05:00

Here is a very basic explanation of blocking, but to learn more we suggest you visit www.usatriathlon.org and view the rules information posted in Section 5.10 “Position Fouls” on the bike.

“Blocking” is considered the other common rule violation that takes place on the bike course. Blocking typically occurs when a rider is not riding on the far right side of the road, making it difficult (and dangerous) for other rides to pass. Don’t get caught riding along next to your friend. If you’re the one on the left you’ll get a “blocking” foul.

What is “Drafting” on the bike course?2019-03-05T10:31:49-05:00

Here is a very basic explanation of drafting, but to learn more we suggest you consult the USA Triathlon website and view the rules information posted. (Please see Section 5.10 for “Position Fouls” on the bike.)

“Drafting” is basically riding right behind another competitor on the bike course. By drafting behind someone you gain an unfair advantage because it allows you to ride at the same speed as the person you’re following without exerting as much energy. In the sport of triathlon for age group events here in the U.S. drafting is not allowed.

Where can I find a copy of USA Triathlon rules?2013-11-16T21:52:45-05:00

You can find a copy of the USA Triathlon rules including a list and description of the most commonly violated rules at USA Triathlon.

Can my relay team be male and female?2018-01-25T21:19:13-05:00

Yes. Triathlon relay teams can be all males, all females or mixed.  We will be giving top 3 awards for Male, Female and Mixed relays.

Can I do a relay with only two people?2018-01-25T21:19:32-05:00

Yes. A Triathlon relay team member may do either one or two of the three events.

Will there be aid stations on the course?2014-09-02T11:50:35-04:00

There will be no aid stations during the bike.

There will be three aid stations on the run that you will pass approximately every 1 mile.  Each run aid station will have water and HEED sports drink by Hammer Nutrition.

When do I rack my bike?2013-11-16T21:51:18-05:00

Everyone will rack their bikes each race morning in the transition area starting at 6 AM. All bikes must be racked by 7:45 AM.

Can someone else pick up my race packet?2021-08-26T13:19:14-04:00

No. Each participant must collect his/ her own event packets.

Photo ID is required in order to collect event materials. NO ID = NO EVENT.

Where does the race take place?2019-03-05T10:31:49-05:00

The race takes place at Lake Arrowhead Park near the town of Luray, VA (approximately 90 miles WSW of Washington, DC).  For map and directions, please click HERE.

How should I prepare for the triathlon?2017-10-30T23:47:04-04:00

Purchase and download a 16-week Official Luray Triathlon Training Plan.

Be sure to also sign up for our Official Luray Triathlon Open Water Swim and Transition Clinic offered in July, for the opportunity to practice on the race course under guidance of expert coaches.

Finally, School of Tri offers complimentary online resources including more than 100 training tips videos and webinars on a variety of triathlon-related topics.

Will I be able to wear a wetsuit?2017-02-12T13:32:06-05:00

The wetsuit guidelines set forth by USA Triathlon state:

  • USAT rules state that competitors may wear wetsuits if the water temperature is 78 degrees or lower.
  • USAT rules also state that if the water temperature is between 78.1 – 83.9 degrees, competitors may wear wetsuits but will not be eligible for awards.
  • If the water temperature is 84 degrees or above, participants may not wear wetsuits.

The official water temperature will be taken by our USA Triathlon race officials each race morning.

Wetsuits have been allowed in 14 out of the 22 Luray Triathlon races since 2006.

What is the expected water temperature on race day?2017-02-12T13:43:46-05:00

Historically, Lake Arrowhead water temperatures have been in the mid 70’s / low 80’s for August. Wetsuits have been allowed in 14 out of the 22 races since 2006.

We will post unofficial lake temperatures on Facebook starting Wednesday of race week.

The official water temperature will be taken by our USA Triathlon race officials each race morning.

What are the event cut off times?2018-01-25T21:21:50-05:00

All athletes must complete the Luray Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon in under 3 hours 30 minutes and the Luray International Triathlon/Duathlon in under 5 hours. Event officials reserve the right to pull a participant off the course for safety reasons if it appears as though that participant will not be able to complete the event in under the cut off time.

What is the refund, deferral and transfer policy?2021-02-18T13:48:15-05:00

If you are unable to race and did not buy insurance you can cancel your registration and receive a coupon to use towards another Racine MultiSports race within 12 months of your race date.  The coupon value is determined below. The cancellation offer will expire when we are 10 days out from the race or closer. Contact us at shannon@racinemultisports.com to initiate this process.

Coupon rules:

  1. Races not sold out, you will receive a 75% coupon credit up to 10 days prior to the event.
  2. Races sold out or within 10 days of the event, there is no coupon offer for cancellations.
  3. The coupon value will be deducted from the fee you are paying for a future race. You will owe any balance due over the coupon value. (example: if the race is $75.00 and your coupon value is $50.00 then you will need to cover the $25.00 difference).
  4. This policy only only applies to the race entry fee,  not USAT or registration processing fees.


Where can I find results from previous years?2019-03-05T10:31:49-05:00

Please see results.

Where can I find the course maps?2019-03-05T10:31:50-05:00

Please see each race’s respective race information page for course map and other importance information:

Can I ride a mountain or hybrid bike during the race?2019-03-05T10:31:50-05:00

Yes, you can. David outlines what you can and can’t ride in this short video below:

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