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May 27, 2014

Meet triathlete Catherine Goodrum, who wants to end pulmonary fibrosis

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As we've been looking for interesting and inspiring people to interview for the Luray Triathlon website, we thought about Catherine Goodrum. Catherine was the original inspiration behind She Does Tri (triathlon coaching and clinics for women), which introduced Catherine to the sport of triathlon. Now, Catherine has founded a non-profit - or what she prefers to call a "for purpose" enterprise - to help battle a deadly disease that you may never have heard of before reading Catherine's interview. We interviewed Catherine to [...]

April 11, 2014

Meet Super Triathlete and Super Mom Katie Palavecino

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If you've been active in triathlon in the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area, you've probably seen or even met the friendly and talented Katie Palavecino. A long-time participant in Luray Triathlon, Katie took home the win at the Luray International in 2011 and her husband, Matias, holds the course records for both Luray International and Sprint. Now, as a wife, a patent examiner and mother of two young children, Katie still manages to fit triathlon training into her weekly [...]