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June 11, 2014

Luray International is more than half full…

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Luray International is more than half full of our 700 athlete capacity. We do expect the race to sell out again this year. There are also a limited number (50) of charity slots available. Charity slots cost $200 for an individual athlete.  For each community slot, we will donate $150 to United Way of Page County, our primary charity, which also helps provide many of our volunteers on race weekend. Please register soon to reserve your spot!    

May 27, 2014

Meet triathlete Catherine Goodrum, who wants to end pulmonary fibrosis

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As we've been looking for interesting and inspiring people to interview for the Luray Triathlon website, we thought about Catherine Goodrum. Catherine was the original inspiration behind She Does Tri (triathlon coaching and clinics for women), which introduced Catherine to the sport of triathlon. Now, Catherine has founded a non-profit - or what she prefers to call a "for purpose" enterprise - to help battle a deadly disease that you may never have heard of before reading Catherine's interview. We interviewed Catherine to [...]

Luray Triathlon offers $5,000 cash prize purse in 2014

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The Luray Triathlons will be offering a $5,000 total cash prize purse for the first time this year for athletes racing in the Luray International or Sprint Triathlons on August 16 and 17 (respectively). Prize money ($2,500 each race) is available to ELITE athletes and amateur athlete racing in the OPEN Division. will be awarded to the top 3 males and the top 3 females overall in each Luray race as follows: 1st: $600 2nd: $400 3rd: $250 OPEN and ELITE Division athletes who race in both [...]

Town of Luray Festival of Spring on Saturday, May 10

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Coming up next Saturday (May 10) will be the Town of Luray's Festival of Spring from 10 AM until 5 PM on Luray's Historic Main Street and Ruffner Plaza - a day filled with arts, crafts, food, live music, entertainment and more! It's also an excellent opportunity to visit the area and check out the Luray Triathlon course. More info:

April 25, 2014

Sign up for Luray Triathlons before registration fees go up on May 1…

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Please be sure to sign up by April 30 before the price of registration increases on May 1. You can register on here: Luray International, Luray Sprint. We also added a registration option on the Luray International registration page so that you can sign up for both races at once for the "Devil's Double" presented by Devils Backbone Brewing Company. If you've already signed up to both races individually, we will automatically include you in the Devil's Double category. Happy [...]

Meet Super Triathlete and Super Mom Katie Palavecino

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If you've been active in triathlon in the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area, you've probably seen or even met the friendly and talented Katie Palavecino. A long-time participant in Luray Triathlon, Katie took home the win at the Luray International in 2011 and her husband, Matias, holds the course records for both Luray International and Sprint. Now, as a wife, a patent examiner and mother of two young children, Katie still manages to fit triathlon training into her weekly [...]

March 25, 2014

Luray Triathlon at TRI-MANIA expo…

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We hope you had a fantastic and fun time at the TRI-MANIA expo (like we did) on Saturday! Thank you so much for all of you who stopped by to chat with Race Announcer Brad Rex, Race Director Cory Churches and I. Of course, we appreciate all the feedback on the Luray Triathlon and look forward to welcoming many of you for the first time in August this year at Luray International Triathlon on August 16 and Luray Sprint Triathlon on [...]

Latest news from Luray Triathlon (mid March)

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How is your triathlon training progressing? We hope you've been able to successfully "weather" the poor weather. Volunteers make a triathlon what it is. We could not do the race without them. Race Director Cory Churches shares the "Art and Reward" of volunteering in this article. Welcome Devils Backbone Brewery as a new sponsor in 2014! Not only will Devils Backbone be providing their award-winning beer at our Volunteer and Athlete dinner on Saturday night (details coming soon), but athletes who complete the [...]

The Art and Reward of Volunteering at a Triathlon

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by Cory Churches, Race Director Ever considered volunteering for a triathlon? Volunteering is an excellent way to get a first hand view of the intricate "behind the scenes" dance of a race while also providing a service to the athletes. In fact, volunteers make the event what it is. Each and every volunteer enhances the participant experience and helps make the event safer for all. The Luray Triathlon requires more than 300 volunteers on race weekend. Duties range from registration [...]

February 26, 2014

Latest news from Luray Triathlon (late February)

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Spring is [almost] Here and Triathlon Season Is Just Around the Corner! A quick reminder - Please be sure to sign up for Luray International and Luray Sprint by 2/28 as the price bumps up on 3/1. Introducing ART. We interviewed our new timer, Amazing Race Timing (ART), and asked them the cool, new timing features that they will provide at Luray this year for the first time. Click HERE for the interview. Page Country Grown (website) is a local [...]

Local artist Patty Sevre to hand engrave all race awards

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Glass engraving artist Patty Sevre will be hand-engraving all the awards for the Luray Triathlon again this year - each award will be as unique and special as the triathletes who earn them. Every generation of Patty Sevre's family has been engraving glass since the 1740's. She creates these beautiful works of art using the time honored methods of revolving stones, copper wheels, and cooling water handed down through the generations. Every aspect of her work is freehand and shows the quality [...]

January 24, 2014

Luray Triathlon featured in Page News & Courier

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This article by Bill Meade about the Luray Triathlon being voted Best Mid-Atlantic Triathlon in 2013 appeared in the Page News & Courier on January 16, 2014: Luray Triathlon Selected Best in Area By Bill Meade, Staff Writer In the January issue of Competitor magazine, the Luray Triathlon was chosen Best Triathlon of 2013 for the Mid-Atlantic Region. The award is voted on by local athletes each year. “It was quite a pleasant surprise when [...]

TRI-MANIA coming to Bethesda, MD on March 22

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The TRI-MANIA expo returns to Bethesda, MD on Saturday, March 22 with an exciting and energy-packed day with informative seminars, hands-on clinics and workshops, competitive events, vendor expo and more! Be sure to drop by and say "Hi" to us at the Luray Triathlon table, too. We look forward to meeting you!

Meet Luray Parks and Recreation Director Pat O’Brien

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If you've ever been to Luray Triathlon in the past, you've probably seen Luray Parks & Recreation Director Pat O'Brien on race weekend. Pat, along with his team and Luray Public Works, does a plethora of activities to make sure the triathlon runs smoothly from providing lifeguards on the swim course to beautifying the park to parking cars on race morning to picking up trash to supplying aid a lot more. We interviewed Pat to find out a little [...]

Luray Triathlon chosen as Competitor Magazine’s best Mid-Atlantic Triathlon of 2013

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Thank you for choosing Luray Triathlon as the "Best Triathlon of 2013" in the Mid-Atlantic region! You can see Luray Triathlon and all the other "Best of 2013" winners in the January issue of Competitor Magazine Mid-Atlantic that is in print now.

December 19, 2013

Latest News: Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays from Luray Triathlon We hope you're staying warm, enjoying your triathlon off-season and spending time with family and friends. Here is the latest news from Luray Triathlon: Local athlete interview. Always smiling, David Sours made his triathlon debut at the Luray Sprint Triathlon in 2012 then did the "Hooray for Luray Double" in 2013. David is also a farmer (Public House Produce) and a true Luray local. Here's the INTERVIEW with David. Clubs and teams. We're [...]

Meet Luray triathlete and local farmer David Sours

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If I can say one thing about David Sours is that he's always smiling - whether he's smiling crossing the finish line of the Luray Triathlon, smiling as contemplates his next event like Spartan Race or talking about what he does for a work (farming). We had a chance to sit down with David to find out a little more about him, his story as a triathlete and the impact of the triathlon on the local Luray and Page County [...]

November 26, 2013

Latest News: Happy Thanksgiving + Planning Your Next Triathlon Season

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Tempus fugit. The holiday season is upon us. But, it's not too early (or too late) to start thinking about next year. School of Tri will be offering a live, complimentary webinar on 12/3: Planning Your Next Triathlon Season for More Success. With cold weather and holidays meals just ahead, attending a Boot Camp is an excellent way to cross-train and stay motivated during the triathlon off-season! Custom Fitness Concepts, owned and operated by Reston triathlete Tom Kalka, is one of the premier [...]

Meet Volunteer Coordinator and Local Luray Triathlete Heather Sours

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If you raced at Luray Triathlon this year, you probably saw Luray resident Heather Sours at some point during the weekend as she was both our local volunteer coordinator and our primary contact with our partner charity, the United Way of Page County. Oh, and she also raced in the International Triathlon, too. We had a chance to sit down with Heather and find out a little more about her, her involvement with the triathlon and the impact of the [...]

October 29, 2013

Luray Triathlon October News: Off-Season Training Tips

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We hope you had a fantastic year and achieved all (or most of) your triathlon goals! Throughout the 8 years of the Luray Triathlon's existence, we've had tremendous support from both inside the community and outside. Gary Drum, co-owner of Appalachian Outdoors Adventures, is one of our insiders who has been with us from the very beginning both as an athlete and as a host for packet pickup. We recently interviewed Gary and asked him about the triathlon and its [...]